Solar Lighting Plug n Play
Wallpacks- 12V (buildings, sidewalks, parking areas)

Wallpack-V70-LV      Equivalent to    50W of MH bulb (12 Watts actual)
Equivalent to 100W of MH bulb (24 Watts actual)
LED Canopy- 12VDC  (doorways, drive-thru's)

Canopy-70-LV        Equivalent to 175W of MH bulb (32 actual Watts)

LED Bulkhead- 12VDC (walls, stairwells)

OBH-W-LV    White, equiv to 60W Incandescent (12W actual)
OBH-B-LV    Black, equiv to 60W Incandescent (12W actual)
LED Round Ceiling- 12VDC (ceilings, walls)

RBH-W-LV    White, equiv to 60W Incandescent (12W actual)
RBH-B-LV     Black, equiv to 60W Incandescent (12W actual)
- Low Cost Solar Lighting Solutions

- 25W Solar Power System includes
      Panel, rugged case, electronic
      output which regulates and         
      protects up to 7A-H battery.

- Wide Variety of Light Fixtures to
      choose from.

- Fixtures custom designed to match  
      the output of the solar charger.
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    Lumenosity now offers a state-of-the-art solar lighting system that is perfect for off-grid, quick deployment, emergency response, and emerging nation projects. Our solar lighting system, which we call the Solar Plug n Play, or SolarPnp for short, is a compact (12" x 12" x 4") unit that, along with a solar panel and sophisticated electronics, will quickly charge up to a 7 Amp-Hour, 12 Volt battery. This will allow up to FIVE of our low voltage fixtures to operate for hours at a time.

     Each fixture listed below puts out magnitudes more light than candles or lanterns and does so in the most energy efficient manner possible. The entire system can be installed with nothing more than screwdriver and will supply many years of trouble-free operation.

     Special discounts are available for disaster relief, humanitarian aid, nation building projects.
LED Bulkhead Oval
LED bulkhead round
RAY-12 Solar Power System

RAY-12 Solar Power System (Panel, controller, distribution board)   

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