Perimeter Protection
Razr Flex Perimeter Protection

     AN1000 Analyzer
     JB-1 Junction Box
     EOL-1 End of Line Box
     GBP1- Gate Bypass Switch

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     RAZR-Flex is an updated state-of-the-art perimeter protection system that is used to protect large outdoor areas (car lots, water treatment plants, cell towers, marinas, etc) where valuable assets or sensitive equipment may be stored. It works exceptionally well on chain link fencing, is easy to install, and provides remarkable immunity to false alarms.

    Each zone can be from 1 foot to 1000 feet long, with field programmable sensitivity, pulse counting, background environmental noise calibration, and automatic environmental compensation.

    Use the RAZR-Flex system once and you will understand why it has been the economical product of choice for years in the security industry.
Fence Perimeter Protection
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